Kull Part 5: The Middle Phases II

31 Dec

Welcome to the fifth installment of the “Sculpting of Kull” blog. We’re now in the second part of what I call the Mid Phases wherein there is quite a bit of finishing and smoothing along with minor and sometimes major adjustments to the sculpture.

In my work, a sculpture can change quite a bit especially if some time is spent away from the piece. When I return to it, I can look at it with a fresh eye and come to the decision that some changes need to be made. This is usually in the anatomy of the sculpture since the costume is established already by the look found in the source material (such as a comic book). In this case, though, I was originating the costume for Kull and wasn’t just copying a costume already in existence. I found that I wasn’t satisfied with the look of his right forearm armor. I had sculpted in the veins, and the arm was finished, but the armor just didn’t look as it should. I still felt that he would have some sort of armor since that was his fighting arm, but the armor was just a bit “off.” I reworked it and came up with the look you see here.

I then decided that I wasn’t happy with a simple strapping on his left arm. I thought that he might have something to anchor and support his wrist and he might have some metal armor attachments for a measure of protection.

One thing I noticed in reading the short stories of Kull was that he was often described as not ostentatious or showy in his clothing or gear. It seemed to me that it would then follow that Kull would generally kept his gear fairly simple and functional. This didn’t mean that Kull wouldn’t have some detailed gear, though, and he also might pick up something functional that could also be decorated as well, from a fallen foe. That might especially be true at this point in his life, when he didn’t necessarily have much in the way of disposable income and might have picked up what he could off the field of battle or in a scrape with some other unfortunate thief or warrior who chose to take him on.

The above must also be tempered with the fact that this is an art piece and there must be a certain amount of artistic license. The piece should be interesting, after all, and my focus was to make the sculpture interesting to me, to Paradox, to Robert E. Howard fans and to sculpture collectors.

With these factors in mind, I came up with the look you see for his left arm. I also finished out the anatomy including the veins, as you can see.

Next time, we’ll discuss more ideas for the costume such as greaves and just what it might mean to be from “Atlantis.”

Thanks for reading.


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