Kull Part 7: Kull’s Features and Hair

14 Jan

As the title suggests, we’ve now reached a very important stage in the sculpting of any piece. Some sculptors will create the face and head first and I have done that myself at times. Usually, though, I sculpt the face late in the process and sometimes at the very end. When the features are added, it can sometimes lead to seeing the sculpture differently and I may make some changes. I like that in that it is a step that makes me see the piece with “new” eyes and that can be beneficial to the overall look of the sculpture.

With Kull, the beginning of how I wanted to sculpt the face was in the source material. He is described several times as having narrow, gray eyes and is also described as having “hawk-like” features. In my conversations with Paradox, it was agreed that this meant a fairly strong nose and a prominent bridge, but we agreed that he should not look too sharp-featured as the face would not be congruent with the body. His eyes are fairly narrow, but not too narrow. He is intended to have a look that is particular to him and that conveys an air of nobility and strength.

In the stories, it was noted that Kull had had a “lion-like mane of hair” and that as king he currently wears it straight-cut and shoulder length. Since this sculpture shows Kull before he accedes to the throne, I gave him long hair.

So here is the complete Kull figure with complete costume. All that remains are the weapons and the base.

If you’d like to let us know how we’re doing or if you just have any questions, please write me at

Thanks very much for reading and we’ll see you next week.


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