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Kull Part 9: The Base

You’ve seen the thumbnail base I contrived in the original design for this sculpture. The base is a close approximation of that idea with an adjustment or two.

Before we begin, I’ve been asked to add a bit about what material this is sculpted in and what kinds of tools I use. Those who aren’t interested in a more technical discussion might want to skip down. I use Super Sculpey, a synthetic clay that can be found at most craft stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and some local hobby shops. It comes in one pound boxes and I mix it with one small brick of a material called Sculpey III, which is colored in different hues. Super Sculpey is a flesh toned material and I feel mixing it with the colored material gives me the ability to see the surface I’m working on and the detail better. I have used wax, but wax or synthetic wax-like materials require heat and flame to work in. Super Sculpey can be baked and hardened and then added to and is quite strong and permanent when baked properly. Some artists feel that they cannot get the detail they want out of Super Sculpey, but I haven’t noticed that it limits my work in that way. I use wire loop tools, wood shaped tools and modified dental tools in my work. I’ve also made some of my loop tools from piano wire inserted into brass rod.

And now back to Kull:

As we’ve discussed, this base is symbolic of the future life of Kull as he begins his life as a soldier, general, then finally king of Valusia.

The title of this piece is “Kull of Atlantis” and the title plate was originally going to be a scroll. I’ve altered it to be a carved stone nameplate and I’ll add some cracks incised into the plate.

The battle shield represents his participating in and winning numerous battles in the coming years. Kull leads a violent life and the base would reflect that. The shield design would be a heavy wood covered with leather and strengthened with bands of brass and brass studs. At this time, the full paint scheme has not been worked out. Depending on the look of the figure, we may choose to make the fittings in iron or a combination of both.

I chose a sun device for the shield as the sun was often a symbol of kings and represented eternal power and life, among other things.

The axe is intended to represent the double bladed war axe Kull uses to defend himself in the story “By This Axe I Rule” in which he successfully defeats a roomful of assassins who attempt to catch him unaware and unarmed. It is also important as the moment at which Kull consolidates his power and finally establishes his position as king once and for all of Valusia.

The helmet on the base is also representative of his future as a war leader, but it also specifically represents him as King. The crown is described in the story as being a thin circlet of red gold adorned with great opals, which seems a simple design and so I sculpted it as it was described. However, this is a section of crown attached to his helmet permanently and is not the crown he wears at court.

I hope you find the design of the helmet interesting, regal and appropriate to the character.

The base has been approved by the good people at Paradox, so next we’ll move on to the paint stage. The figure has been molded, but not the base. It will take two to three weeks to get the base molded, and get resin castings made. The paint scheme will take roughly the same amount of time. I hope you’ll check back to see the final look. We’ll make sure it’s worth the wait!

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Kull Blog Update

I wanted to update you on the Kull blog, since I was planning to post photos of the base this week. I just wrapped up the sculpting of the base, and will post photos as soon as it’s approved. Thanks for your patience!


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Kull Blog Returns Next Week

Due to a serious case of SuperBowl fever, the Kull blog will return next week. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you’ll check back next week to read about Kull’s base design.

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