Sneyd Mermaid Statue: Introduction

30 Jun
Sneyd Mermaid Illustration

Doug Sneyd Mermaid Illustration

One of the greatest and most rewarding things about being in this business is having the opportunity to work with some of the best and most talented artists in the comics and cartooning world. I’ve admired Doug Sneyd’s cartoon art for as long as I can remember and when the chance came about to work with him, I was absolutely thrilled. At the same time, it’s daunting because Doug has that rare and indefinable ability to draw his women with both a deep and powerful sensuality and a genuine innocence that flows together and complements one another seemingly effortlessly. This is aside from the difficulty of capturing Doug’s approach to the faces of the girls he creates, which we’ll discuss later.

Working with Doug on this project has been as pleasant and positive as I could have imagined. Doug is helpful and instructive, and he’s been involved and interested in every aspect of the process from beginning to end. Doug is very generous in his approach to adjustments to the piece and he understands the difficulty of bringing his style to 3-D.  That has been key and as a result, we’ve worked closely to find the best solutions to those challenges.

First, The Body: Doug’s women have a softness and curviness that does not preclude their also being athletic and vivacious.  This applies to his mermaids as well as his human women. In approaching the figure, the first order of business was to capture those qualities in the body language and attitude of the mermaid’s body, which Doug has christened “Chlorine.” While Doug draws his women’s bust lines in a very recognizable way, at this point, they’re unnecessary. The key is to capture the arch of the back, the curve of her tail, and the attitude implied in Chlorine’s torso, and then to see what Doug thought of her so far. He had supplied that beautiful pencil sketch of the figure (above), but Doug agreed that it made good sense to also use the body of his work as reference in capturing that quintessential “Sneyd” body and attitude.

So here is Chlorine so far.  Don’t worry, she’ll have all the important body elements in the next update!  🙂




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One response to “Sneyd Mermaid Statue: Introduction

  1. Dexter Tanedo

    July 2, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    She looks great and yes, the form is already there.
    I enjoy your work in progress and the history of creating this piece. I find the name Chlorine cute.. can’t wait for this statue to finish.


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