The Magdalena Statue Part 3: Fine-Tuning the Anatomy

26 Aug

click for a larger image

Most of this stage consists of fine-tuning the anatomy. NOTE: The head is a stand-in from the Snow White statue.

I sculpted the hands earlier, but I didn’t add the right hand for these photos. I’ve mentioned before that hands and arms can often get in the way of working on the torso, so I often don’t sculpt them until fairly late in the process.

This figure is actually rather tall.  A 1/6th scale male figure would be 12” tall if he represents a 6’ tall man.  Most of my female figures are sculpted 11 inches tall to generally represent a 5”6” woman.  This figure is 12” tall to represent a taller woman at 6′ in height.

I sculpt this part of the figure with metal loop tools and flat, wooden tools which I use to sculpt in a cross hatching method in order to join the muscle sections laid in earlier.  I don’t smooth out the figure entirely as there may be changes to the anatomy as the figure continues to develop. For example, I wanted her to have strong, powerful legs and hips, but I knew there would be armor sections that would add to her mass visually.  I roughed in armor sections separately that could be added and taken away from the figure as I completed this part of the sculpting.

Next we’ll see a major blog posting as the figure comes together with both hands, her face and her completed torso.  See you soon!


Click for a larger image

Click for a larger image

Click for a larger image

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