The Magdalena Statue Part 4: Finishing the Figure

31 Aug

In this segment we see two phases of the figure: adding in the full figure, finishing out all anatomical masses, and then the figure finished and smoothed out with clothing wrinkles added.  The head is now sculpted and Magdalena has her own likeness. I used all the reference I had from the various artists and came up with what I hope you agree is a strong and determined as well as beautiful visage.  The wire ponytail you see is simply the armature extension I use to hold the head as I sculpt it separately from the figure.  It will be removed or, as on some pieces, it will serve as the armature for the hair (but not in this case).

I wanted the costume to appear skin tight, but I also wanted the anatomy and femininity of the figure to be apparent.  I laid in thin lines of material to represent folds and wrinkles and smoothed them into the figure, but only at key point like the right side, where she is bending and the backs of the knees, and ankles.

The arms are now added to the figure and I am ready to submit the piece for approval to Top Cow.  Once the figure is officially approved, I’ll go ahead and bake her, so that I can add the armor segments, hood, hair, etc.

Well, next time we’ll take a look at the figure with parts of the costume and armor added. See you  then!


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One response to “The Magdalena Statue Part 4: Finishing the Figure

  1. danielhdr

    August 31, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    Beautiful forms! Anxious to see the next steps! Congrats!


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