WORK IN PROGRESS: Lady Death La Muerta Statue Part 3

18 Jul

At this point, I’m establishing the finished look to the body. Once I’m fairly comfortable with it, I’ll sculpt and add the head.  The head is key in establishing the feel of the character in the sculptor’s mind. I might have added the head earlier, but I become involved in getting the body where I want it and it’s hard to break away.  Even though it looks fairly finished out, I may still change things once the head is added.

Lady Death has a well known look and some artists make her more and less voluptuous than others.  I like the approach that Richard Ortiz used and it was consistent with my feel for the character, so I’m sculpting her with full, athletic hips and lower body and a strong back while maintaining the sensuality she’s known for.

I should mention here that the armature is coming out of her lower abdomen a bit.  This happens sometimes and doesn’t affect the piece.  I’ll sand that out and finish out that area after baking.


Please click each photo to enlarge.

LD7520 LD7521 LD7522 LD7523

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