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WORK IN PROGRESS: Wonder Woman:The Art of War Statue Part 1

It’s always a pleasure to sculpt one of the great iconic characters of the history of comics and so when Shawn Knapp at DC Entertainment asked me if I’d like to sculpt Wonder Woman, I was thrilled.  It was also really nice that it was going to be a Jim Lee rendition of the character.  Jim’s work in the comics industry is legendary.  I had worked with him on his W.I.L.D.C.A.T.s character Grifter years ago and I knew his input would be invaluable.  Even at a 7” height, I wanted to put as much into this piece as I do on larger pieces, so I hope the in progress photos reflect that.

As it turned out, working with Shawn and Jim was smooth as silk.  I hope you find the in progress pics interesting and that you enjoy seeing the Wonder Woman we all had a part in bringing to you.


WW right side-2-28 copy WW front-2-28 copy WW back right 2-28 copy


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