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WORK IN PROGRESS: Wonder Woman:The Art of War Statue Part 1

It’s always a pleasure to sculpt one of the great iconic characters of the history of comics and so when Shawn Knapp at DC Entertainment asked me if I’d like to sculpt Wonder Woman, I was thrilled.  It was also really nice that it was going to be a Jim Lee rendition of the character.  Jim’s work in the comics industry is legendary.  I had worked with him on his W.I.L.D.C.A.T.s character Grifter years ago and I knew his input would be invaluable.  Even at a 7” height, I wanted to put as much into this piece as I do on larger pieces, so I hope the in progress photos reflect that.

As it turned out, working with Shawn and Jim was smooth as silk.  I hope you find the in progress pics interesting and that you enjoy seeing the Wonder Woman we all had a part in bringing to you.


WW right side-2-28 copy WW front-2-28 copy WW back right 2-28 copy


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WORK IN PROGRESS: Lady Death La Muerta Statue Part 3

At this point, I’m establishing the finished look to the body. Once I’m fairly comfortable with it, I’ll sculpt and add the head.  The head is key in establishing the feel of the character in the sculptor’s mind. I might have added the head earlier, but I become involved in getting the body where I want it and it’s hard to break away.  Even though it looks fairly finished out, I may still change things once the head is added.

Lady Death has a well known look and some artists make her more and less voluptuous than others.  I like the approach that Richard Ortiz used and it was consistent with my feel for the character, so I’m sculpting her with full, athletic hips and lower body and a strong back while maintaining the sensuality she’s known for.

I should mention here that the armature is coming out of her lower abdomen a bit.  This happens sometimes and doesn’t affect the piece.  I’ll sand that out and finish out that area after baking.


Please click each photo to enlarge.

LD7520 LD7521 LD7522 LD7523

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WORK IN PROGRESS: Little Minxies Aphrodite IX Statue

AphroditecolorAphrodite IX Minxies DesignTop Cow has some terrific characters to add to the Little Minxies line and for the first one, the choice was down to Aphrodite IX and Witchblade.  Manny Carrasco started to do some sketching and when I saw his thumbnail, I knew our choice was made. Witchblade will definitely be a part of the Little Minxies line, but AIX was the one to do now.

Here are Manny’s prelims and his finished piece.

Below is the first set of pics in progress of the Aphrodite IX Little Minxies sculpture.  We’ll have more in a couple of days.



Stop by our CS Moore Studio booth #2800 at San Diego Comic Con July 17-21, 2013 to pick up the Little Minxies Aphrodite IX print and see the final Little Minxies Aphrodite IX Statue in person!









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WORK IN PROGRESS: Lady Death La Muerta Statue Part 2

As you can see, I’m building up the figure and starting to define the musculature. As is normal in the way I work, I don’t work on the arms until much later because they get in the way and sometimes I use the wire to stabilize my hands as I sculpt. If you click on each photo you can see the image larger.


LD7508 LD7509 LD7510 LD7512


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WORK IN PROGRESS: Lady Death La Muerta Statue

ImageWhen Brian Pulido and I decided to do another Lady Death project, I couldn’t have been happier.  Lady Death is one of the most well known female characters in independent comics and she’s always a terrific subject to sculpt.

I had seen some illustrations Richard Ortiz had done for Brian’s Coffin Comics and I was absolutely blown away by the look of the Lady Death La Muerta piece.  I thought this would make for an incredible look as a sculpture.

I wanted to have Lady Death in a pose that was regal and striking, reflecting the power and majesty of the character, so I sent Brian several pose ideas including the one shown below (5a), which he and I agreed was the one to do.  The pose idea (5a) is a 6” maquette which is used for a basic 360 view of the pose. La Muerta is a stunning, haunting look, so as you watch the piece develop, try to imagine her with the look you see above.

Since I wanted this to be a striking piece, I’m sculpting her very tall, which she would be in her heels. This piece is a full 13” tall in the original form, although it will reduce a bit in production.

We’re trying to finish the prototype for debut at Comic Con International: San Diego July 17 and it’s going to be close.  We may have only a resin casting or it may not be finished in time at all.  Hope you like her and you get a kick out of seeing her develop!





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The Magdalena Statue Part 5: Completed Figure & Base (without cape)

On most of my sculpture projects, there is rarely a stage at which the figure is complete and fully intact.  It happens, but on a complicated figure like Magdalena, the arms were finished separately, the figure was hardened and sanded before adding the armor and there were other minor details added after the figure was molded. To smooth the figure before baking, I use a metal tool that is squared off with a flattened taper at the end. I draw this over the figure until it has that smoothness that is essential to the look of the piece.

It’s best to look at the figure as a completely assembled casting prior to painting to get the full effect. There are some small adjustments to be made in the positioning of the swords, but the full figure is here, less her cape and scabbards, which are being molded. When you see the cape on the debut of the figure on our site, it might be of interest to those sculptors reading this that the cape was done by building up layers in Super Sculpey on a wire mesh armature in multiple bakings.

The scabbards were interesting to sculpt because Top Cow gave free rein on their look, which in the comics are fairly simple in design. I used a book on samurai armor to research the details, and centered the decorative features on a plum blossom motif. You’ll see them in the full color photos soon as soon as Jim Rowell has completed painting her.

The base has a cross design done in mosaic form, reminiscent of Byzantine architectural art of the early Christian period. I used Nelson Blake’s design for the base cross and worked up the design at one-quarter scale. The base was then skillfully executed by Josh Sutton with my art direction.

If you have questions about any aspect of this piece, just write us at We expect to have photos of the fully-finished piece in the next week or so.

Thanks for reading this blog and we’ll see you next time!



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The Magdalena Statue Part 4: Finishing the Figure

In this segment we see two phases of the figure: adding in the full figure, finishing out all anatomical masses, and then the figure finished and smoothed out with clothing wrinkles added.  The head is now sculpted and Magdalena has her own likeness. I used all the reference I had from the various artists and came up with what I hope you agree is a strong and determined as well as beautiful visage.  The wire ponytail you see is simply the armature extension I use to hold the head as I sculpt it separately from the figure.  It will be removed or, as on some pieces, it will serve as the armature for the hair (but not in this case).

I wanted the costume to appear skin tight, but I also wanted the anatomy and femininity of the figure to be apparent.  I laid in thin lines of material to represent folds and wrinkles and smoothed them into the figure, but only at key point like the right side, where she is bending and the backs of the knees, and ankles.

The arms are now added to the figure and I am ready to submit the piece for approval to Top Cow.  Once the figure is officially approved, I’ll go ahead and bake her, so that I can add the armor segments, hood, hair, etc.

Well, next time we’ll take a look at the figure with parts of the costume and armor added. See you  then!


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