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Jurassic Strike Force 5 “Spike” Action Figure: Final Sculpting & Painted Figure

Welcome to the Jurassic Strike Force 5 Action Figure Sneak Peek, featuring the second character in the line: Spike! The figures are based on characters from Zenescope’s/Silver Dragon Books’ popular Jurassic Strike Force 5 comic book series by Joe Brusha. Action figure art direction by Clayburn Moore; sculpted by Josh Sutton.

“For Rex’s teammate Spike, I contacted Josh Sutton, who we’ve worked with before and who also has toy experience,” said Clayburn. “He’s experienced with articulation and mechanical details, so I felt he was a good choice. On seeing how the figure is progressing, he’s proven to be an excellent choice.”

Jurassic Strike Force 5 begins with evil alien overlord Zalex and his army of highly advanced reptiles being awakened after 100 million years of entrapment within the ice of Antarctica. Having combined Earth’s Jurassic reptiles with alien technology, Zalex has created a seemingly unstoppable force of mutated dinosaur warriors ready to conquer the Universe.  But there is one thing that might be able to stop Zalex and his powerful army and that one thing is Jurassic Strike Force, another group of alien enhanced dinosaurs who have sworn to protect both humanity and the rest of the universe from Zalex’s evil plans.

Below are pics of the finished, unpainted figure, and then the fully-painted piece.

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Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide Sasquatch Action Figure: Final Sculpting

Monster Hunter's Survival GuideWelcome to the Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide Action Figure Blog!  This is an exciting series by Zenescope Entertainment that has led to what I hope you agree is a very cool action figure line co-produced by The CS Moore Studio and Zenescope. — CSM

Here’s the Monster Hunter Story:

“The Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide is the comprehensive guide every Monster Hunter must have! The guide covers the strengths and weakness of every known and unknown monster on earth or otherwise. Monster hunters will find it packed with tips on how to take down these creatures, or if they should steer clear of the beasts. Whether they are a weekend Bigfoot hunter or a hardcore Vampire slayer, this guide will help keep even a novice hunter alive.”

Bigfoot Action Figure 
Art Direction: Clayburn Moore
Sculpting: Mat Brouillard

What would a Monster Hunter be without Bigfoot? These photos show the final sculpting stages and full color pics of the finished piece!

Here’s the finished action figure! To see more pics, and to order, visit our website!

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